Winny Casino 10% cashback

Join today and receive 10% weekly cashback on all slot machines!

Winny Casino 10% cashback

Join today and receive 10% cashback on all slot machines!


To show gratitude towards active players with great rewards is the entire idea of Winny Casino. One of the most appreciated rewards is the 10% cashback program which is open for all players! All you need to do is open an account and try your luck at the games. No wagering requirements, no ifs, ands or buts, just money back to your account!

Winny casino 10% cashback

Join the loyalty program

It’s not complicated to be a part of the 10% loyalty program. When you register an account at Winny you will automatically be signed up for it, and it’s activated instantly.

Every week you get a 10% refund of your net loss made on all slots, which will be paid back in real money to your account, without any wagering requirements! There’s no maximum cap on cashback payouts, which means that you will get 10% paid back on any amount.  

Winny loyalty bonus

Cashback payout

Even if you had bad luck at the slot machines for a week, there’s the 10% weekly cashback to cheer you up! The repayment will be credited to your Winny Casino account on a weekly basis on Thursdays. No later than 15:00 UTC you can log in to your active account and find it available for new thrilling adventures on the slot machines, or for a withdrawal if you prefer so.

Example: You we’re unfortunate to lose €100 in a week on slots, you will the coming week receive €10 in cashback!

Winny Casino Deposit bonus

Deposit bonus, cashback and No deposit bonus

On top of the stunning 10% weekly cashback, you will as an active and loyal player be offered exclusive “deposit bonuses”, “Free Spins” and “no deposit bonuses”!

Rewarding loyal players is a core pillar at Winny casino – the more active and loyal a player become, the bigger bonus you will be offered!

To be mentioned is that bonus money will not contribute to the total cashback. See full terms for bonuses and cashback for the specific bonus.

Cashback terms & conditions

Example: Let’s say that you played different slot machines, and the total loss throughout a week is €100, you will have 10% paid back to your account, which in other words means you will be credited €10 in real money, without any wagering requirements.

  • 10% real cashback on net loss from all Slots.
  • The cashback is based on your gameplay between Thursday 00:00 and Wednesday 23:59 UTC.
  • No wagering requirement attached.
  • No maximum cap on cashback payouts.
  • Payout weekly on Thursdays no later than 15:00 UCT, to all qualified players.
  • Cashback is only paid out to active accounts.
  • Wagering made with bonus funds will not contribute to the total cashback.
  • Minimum loss to receive cashback is €1.
  • Live Casino, Table Games, Poker, Card, Casual, Craps, Lotter & Other games are not includes in the cashback.

Frequently asked questions

What is cashback?

A Cashback bonus isn’t really a bonus, but a more lika refund or reward. When you open an account at Winny you are instantly in the 10% real money cashback reward program that’s offered. This means that from your first bet on all slot machines at Winny you will get a 10% cashback refund in real cash from your net loss, without wagering requirements, as a token of appreciation.

How much cashback can I get?

At Winny you get a stunning 10% cashback from your first bet. The minimum is €1, but the best part is that there’s no roof or max cap on how much cashback you can receive!

Is Winny Safe?

Yes, it’s very safe! In fact, safety and security are core pillars at Winny, and always striving towards making you as a customer feel safe, happy and comfortable at all times!

How do I receive my cashback?

Here’s the best part of the Winny 10% cashback refund program – you don’t have to do anything at all to receive the real money cashback you’re entitled to. It’s automatically paid out to your account on a weekly basis!

When do I start to receive cashback?

At Winny you’re entitled to Cashback from day one after opening your account, from your first bet at any of your best slot machines!

What games do I get cashback on?

You will get Cashback from all slot machines offered at Winny Casino.